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Internet Safety Education for 
Adults and Children

Optimist Clubs in our area have teamed up with the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and the Optimist International Foundations to bring a critical message to the adults in our community that will help protect children from the potential dangers on the Internet.  This Internet Safety Program teaches adults to recognize and remember three essential rules for working with children about online safety:
The Optimist Club of St Petersburg is available to make a presentation of educational material about the potential dangers to children while online. The three key point are:
Keep Current – Keep Communicating – Keep Checking
Keep Current with Technology
  • You don't have to be an expert, but a little understanding goes a long way towards keeping your child safe on line. Get basic technical training and learn about new products as they are released.

Keep Communicating
  • Keep Communicating with your children about everything they experience on the Internet. Know their lingo, and ask when you don't understand something. Work to keep communication lines open. 

Keep Checking
  • Keep checking your children's Internet activity. Know where they go on line. Let them know that you'll keep checking because you want them to understand that the Internet is a public forum and never truly private.

The information will include ways to safeguard children from inappropriate contacts and behaviors that children may encounter online. Attendees will be provided with information that can be referenced as needed.

Presentation includes:
  • Educational DVD with Presenter leading discussion
  • Informational Materials for Attendees to keep for future reference
  • Preview of the grade 1 through 4 presentation for schools or youth groups

The Optimist Club of St Petersburg is now working with Elementary Schools to present an Internet Safety Program (ISP) for grades 1 through 4. Three key points for this program are:

  • I Keep Safe
  • I Keep Away
  • I Keep Telling

If you would like to participate in this program please include your name, number of people wishing to participate, times you are available for the presentation and appropriate contact information to the link below:


Terry Pendleton - Florida Program Coordinator
[email protected]


[email protected]

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Educating Adults and Children