Looking for a club with good members who care about kids?
We might be the one you're looking for. We are small but mighty (Somos pequenos pero poderosos.)!  

The Optimist Club of St Petersburg was established in 1924, the first in the southeastern United States. We are celebrating 99 years!

What We Do!  (check it out)

Purpose of an Optimist Club:
To develop Optimism as a philosophy of utilizing the tenets of the Optimist Creed; to promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs; to inspire respect for law; to promote patriotism and work for international accord and friendship among all people; to aid and encourage the development of youth in the belief that the giving of one's self in service to others will advance the well-being of human-kind, community life and the world.
Friend of Youth
Bringing out the Best in Kids
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Upcoming Club Event(s)
NOTE:  We are using the regular location of Po Folks Restaurant at 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. If you can't attend live, you can via Skype(R). See the address in Contact us for Skype(R).

FOO (What is a FOO?)
FOO is Friend of Optimists. Members of the community don't always have time to devote to the giving of themselves to help others, but still want to be helpful in many ways. Being a FOO is a way to do this. Becoming a FOO is easy, donate $120.00 and complete the FOO application from our club and you are a Friend of Optimists. The donation is given back to the community and the kids. This is something that can be renewed each year. 
Fill out the application in the attached brochure and send it to us with your check payable to: Optimist International. Give back to the community, become a FOO! 
Email: [email protected] or come to one of our meetings as our guest for dinner.

Optimist Club Members receive as much as they give:
The fellowship of people who get things done and the example they set for embracing it similar optimistic mindset.
New social and working relationships with individuals from a cross section of our communities
The opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership skills locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
The satisfaction of making a difference in lives of children as well as our communities.
Whether you are searching for an outlet to help your community, personal development, or rewarding camaraderie, you'll find what you're looking for in our Optimist Club.

What should I expect?
Every Optimist Club was formed by people who wanted to reach out to help youth and the community. People like you and me. Members of an Optimist Club usually live in or work in the community. Members have joined together to serve others and to promote Optimism as a way of life.

Each Optimist Club is chartered as a Member of Optimist International. This gives the Club the right to use the Optimist name and provides each Club with services and programs offered by Optimist International.

Each Optimist Club operates independently of each other. They choose their own activities, elect their own Officers and raise their own funds. A Club’s service activities are based on the needs of the community. What a Club can do is limited only by imagination and resources of the Members.
Optimist Clubs do share certain similarities. This offers you, the Member, the assurance of knowing wherever you are, should you wish to attend an Optimist Club’s meeting, certain components will be the same.

The programs and guest speakers offer the Members an opportunity to learn, grow and improve themselves. The program features the youth in the community, as in the Essay and Oratorical Contests or in the Youth Appreciation Week. These meetings help to reinforce our commitment and allow us to take pride in our accomplishments.

We offer a Family Plan:
Interested in more than one family member being involved in Optimism? Then you need to contact us to learn about saving with our Chapter. See the Contact Us page and contact one of us for more information.

Our New Fund Raiser 
We are always looking for ways to get funds so we can continue to help the kids in the community. One of our members came up with a great one - a Coloring Book based on the Optimist Creed. We got approval from Optimist International and it has now been completed and printed. One can color with crayons or ink markers which makes this a great book. If you are interested in purchasing it just get in touch with us (see the Contact Us page) and we will take care of it for you. If you are interested in purchasing the "Be an Optimist" coloring book in multiple copies see the attached Order Form.  Order Form
New Meeting July 8th
Our meeting is held at the Po Folks Restaurant at 6:30 PM - feel free to come an attend. We look forward to seeing you.
Our Club's 100th Anniversary was the best!
The celebration of our 100th Anniversary was amazing. It was great to have so many people come out to acknowledge our being helpful to kids in the community for 100 years. The entire event with the food, drinks, desserts, raffles, silent auction, 50/50 and music being played was something else. The cake made by Sam's Club was really beautiful and delicious. Having Mason Dixon and his wife Patricia from Q105 really was nice too. Our OI President, Tracy who presented a Proclamation from OI to us was a nice surprise. Certificates of Appreciations are being hand delivered to the donating businesses.
Completed and Up Coming Events
Big Upcoming Free Event - June 22nd
Multiverseland Open House Celebration
Multiverseland is putting this Free - Fun For All located at:
      1055 27th Street No, St Petersburg, FL 
       from 7PM to 10PM 
Laura Banks from Star Trek II will be there.
There is a lot of room for many visitors and a lot to see. This is something you don't see every day and can be really an enjoyable event. You can email them at: [email protected] if you have any questions.
This is only 1 of 10 locations there. 
Come check it out it is FREE!